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ETERNA SA, at the heart of the Swiss watch industry, has undergone a remarkable transformation under visionary design chief Christian Gafner. His monumental task? To redefine Eterna's heritage through product design, brand values and adherence to tradition.

Gafner approached this challenge with passion and a unique technical perspective. His goal was to design a collection that honoured Eterna's heritage while redefining the boundaries of watchmaking innovation. The result: the Eterna Vaughan Big Date, Madison 8 Days, Soleure, Adelphi Automatic, Soleure Moonphase Chronograph and the iconic Kontiki line.

Gafner's journey began with meticulous design work that fused technical expertise with minimalist 2D/3D design. Prototyping brought these designs to life and allowed the entire Eterna collection to be fine-tuned and perfected.

Through Design Transfer, Gafner's vision became a reality in every timepiece, complemented by innovative stand concepts and sustainable packaging. His standards provided the framework for Eterna's design language.

The highlight was Baselworld, where the new Eterna collection amazed the public. Gafner's dedication and pursuit of excellence had not only redesigned a collection, but revitalised Eterna, combining tradition and innovation.

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