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ilmia® sneaker - handmade in Stadtilm, Germany since 1819.


Trademark registration and extension of classes. The brand history goes back to 1819. Product development and design of ilmia® models. Planning of production processes, marketing strategy and relaunch of the brand. Definition of the Unique Selling Proposition. Model development for Japan. Natural packaging ilmia-unibody-box®, Marketing and communication, PR, sales coordination.


Brand strategy development, Product development, sneaker creation, distribution and sale ilmia-sneaker. Creation of a sneaker export range in Europe, Japan and USA. Development of the Men and Women-lines ilmia Europa® with the introduction of sustainable eco-leather uppers.



Worldwide sales



Brand owner / Founder ilmia GmbH and ilmia AG.


Copying and/or abuse of the brand will be prosecuted. All rights reserved 2004. 

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