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In the heart of the horological world, where precision and craftsmanship are revered, a remarkable story unfolds—a story of innovation, design, and the birth of calendario cent’anni, known as the cca , affectionately known as the cca, by the ingenious Dr. Ludwig Oechslin.

It was a challenge unlike any other—designing a 100-year calendar watch that would not only encapsulate the essence of time but also be the first serial watch crafted by ochs und junior AG (ouj), a brand celebrated for its bespoke creations. And at the helm of this endeavor was Christian Gafner, the Head of Brand and Design, whose vision would shape the future of ouj.

In the hands of Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, the cca emerged as a true horological masterpiece. It was more than just a watch; it was a timekeeping marvel that provided a comprehensive package of information. From the precision of hours, minutes, and seconds to the intricacies of date, month, and even the leap year, the cca was a testament to Dr. Oechslin's profound understanding of horological intricacies.

Christian Gafner, with his keen eye for design and innovation, played a pivotal role in bringing the cca to life. He envisioned three distinct versions, each boasting a sleek black and white PVD finish adorned with Arabic characters and indices. These designs reflected not just functionality but also a timeless elegance, a hallmark of the ouj brand.

The outcome was a creation that left enthusiasts and collectors eager to make it their own. Orders poured in, as the world recognized the significance of the cca in the world of horology. It was a watch that celebrated both the past and the future, a symbol of ouj's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.

But there was another chapter to this story—a transformation within ouj itself. Christian Gafner, with his forward-thinking approach, had a idea to expand the brand's horizons. For years, ouj had been synonymous with bespoke, custom-made watches, but in 2021, the concept of the ochs line was born.

The ochs line marked a shift in ouj's approach. It aimed to make ouj's unique creations more accessible by producing them in serial mode, thus lowering the price point. It was a bold step that celebrated the ouj legacy while embracing the future.

In this journey, Christian Gafner played a crucial role, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation. He had not only shaped the cca but also helped ouj evolve into a brand that combined the art of custom craftsmanship with the accessibility of serial production.

The cca and ochs line, designed by Christian Gafners is part of this remarkable story - a story that celebrated the enduring spirit of watchmaking, design and the ever-evolving vision of ochs and junior.


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Images by ochs und junior AG

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