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In the world of design, there exists a material that has stood the test of time, a material that has captured the essence of craftsmanship and elegance for generations – leather. For Christian Gafner, the love affair with leather ran deep, rooted in the memories of his Grandpa, a skilled shoemaker whose hands wove magic into every piece of leather he touched.

From those early days, Christian Gafner developed an appreciation for the simplicity of leather and the beauty of creating something truly functional and timeless. In a world where complexity often reigns supreme, he believed in the power of simplicity. The idea that a bag should serve a purpose and nothing more, that it should be a companion for an overnight stay or a quick maneuver through the bustling chaos of airports and cities.

This belief gave birth to the PM/AM bag®, a design that embodied the essence of simplicity and functionality. But Christian Gafner didn't stop there; he understood that in a world increasingly aware of environmental concerns, the materials used in his designs had to align with his values.

That's where sustainable eco-leather came into play. Handmade in Switzerland, the PM/AM bag® was not just a bag; it was a testament to the harmony of design and sustainability. It was a collaboration with Tanja Klein, a partnership that brought together their shared vision of creating something beautiful, functional, and eco-conscious.

As the PM/AM bag® came to life, it wasn't just a product; it was a statement. A statement that simplicity could be elegant, that functionality could be beautiful, and that sustainability could be at the core of design.

Pre-orders for the PM/AM bag® were a testament to the resonance of this idea. They flowed in via Christian's email, a sign that there were others out there who believed in the power of simplicity, in the allure of handmade craftsmanship, and in the importance of sustainable choices.

In the end, the PM/AM bag® was more than just a bag; it was a reflection of Christian Gafner's journey, from the shoemaker's grandson to the visionary product designer. It was a celebration of the love for leather and the belief that sometimes, making things simpler is harder than adding complexity.

Cooperating with Tanja Klein from Kleinbasel in Basel, the PM/AM bag® was a masterpiece of the best leather, sustainability, and the enduring allure of simple, purposeful design. It was a bag for those who believed that in the midst of life's complexities, elegance could be found in the simplest of things.


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