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In the world of precision and elegance, Christian Gafner's journey took an exhilarating turn after his launch of the MIH watch in 2005, a timepiece celebrated for its innovation. Soon after, he joined PORSCHE DESIGN TIMEPIECES as Head of Design.

In a serendipitous alignment of stars, Christian Gafner found himself at the heart of Porsche Design, a brand synonymous with excellence and iconic design. This marked the beginning of a transformative partnership that would shape the future of timepieces.

As Head of Design for Porsche Design, Christian undertook the weighty task of infusing his creative observations into the very DNA of the brand. His mission was to craft a production process that adhered to Porsche Design's unwavering principles.

With steadfast dedication, he embarked on a creative odyssey, resulting in the birth of Porsche Design Timepieces. His innate understanding of design and precision gave rise to remarkable creations, including the new Dashboard line and Limited Editions, as well as the meticulous redesign of the beloved Flat Six range.

The pinnacle of his collaboration was the Worldtimer P 6750, a fusion of innovation and artistry. This timepiece stood as a testament to their shared commitment to excellence, developed in close cooperation with the Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See, Austria.

But Christian's journey didn't stop there. He continued to refine collections and introduced the PD Edition One, going beyond aesthetics to ensure each Porsche Design timepiece met the highest quality standards.

The crowning moment came when Porsche Design Timepieces made their debut at Baselworld, the world's premier watch and jewelry show. This presentation showcased the fusion of Christian Gafner's creative genius with Porsche Design's legacy of innovation.

Christian Gafner's tenure as Head of Design at Porsche Design epitomized his ability to seamlessly blend tradition with innovation, craftsmanship with technology, and heritage with modernity. His story is a testament to an open-minded individual driven by passion, precision, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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