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The MIH Watch (2005 - 2020)

In 2003, Dr. Ludwig Oechslin challenged the watchmaking world with a simple yet profound request: "Design a watch that gives me all the information at a glance." This challenge ignited the creative spirit of designers, and Christian Gafner took it upon himself to answer it.

Christian Gafner's mindset was to craft more than just a timepiece; he aimed to create a watch that could convey a wealth of information within a single, exquisite design. His skillset was exceptional, as he meticulously designed every detail of what would become the MIH Watch. His commitment extended beyond the watch itself to collaborations, sponsorship for the museum, and captivating exhibitions.

In 2005, the MIH Watch made its debut at the Musée international d’Horlogerie in Switzerland, marking a momentous celebration of precision, artistry, and innovation.

Fast forward to today, and Christian Gafner's tireless pursuit of perfection has led to the Mechanik2, a watch that builds upon his previous work. With improved movement and calendar functions, it stands as a worthy successor to the MIH Watch.

What sets Christian Gafner apart is his pursuit of excellence and outstanding design.

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